LED High Bay Light

The family of luminaries represent the future of industrial lighting. They provide the answer for high bay or low mast lighting, whether in a warehouse, parking lot, or anywhere large area lighting is needed. These lights can replace up to and including 1,000 watt conventional lights at a fraction of the cost.

Designed to operate at peak efficiency for a minimum of 120,000 hours, they offer you dependable performance for many years. Additionally, the Highbay Lights utilize a unique mounting system, and our carefully engineered optics, which offer unparalleled ability to adjust the light angle, and to light your space in the exact pattern that you require. That translates into less luminaires per project, better lighting, and increased energy, maintenance and capital cost savings.

The main limiting factor both in efficacy and lifespan for LED is heat. This light employs our patented new heat management system. Based on rocket technology for heat transfer and airflow, it allows our lights to maintain ambient temperature, while all other lights on the market reach far higher temperatures. This means that drivers and LEDs will function at peak efficiency well past the 100,000 hour mark.

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
SLD-HB-0070 7,700 lm 64 W 120 lm/W
SLD-HB-0100 10,430 lm 97 W 107 lm/W
SLD-HB-0160 14,300 lm 134 W 106 lm/W
SLD-HB-0240 22,400 lm 195 W 115 lm/W
SLD-HB-0300 31,500 lm 276 W 114 lm/W
LMG-HB-0130 11,050 lm 130 W 85 lm/W

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