LED Area/Roadway Light

Small in size, but powerful in performance, this family of luminaries can provide the perfect solution in variety of applications. They are designed for parking lot, parkades, as well mount lights, or for any area lighting function.
With a mounting system that allows for maximum adjustment, and utilizing our precisely designed optics, these luminaires will provide seamless coverage of your entire space using the minimum number lamps.

The AL family employ our patented heat management system. This proprietary system utilizes rocket technology to achieve maximum heat transfer and airflow, allowing our lights to maintain ambient temperature. While all other lighting products reach internal temperatures far higher than ambient, our lights can maintain much cooler temperatures. Heat is the limiting factor regarding LED and Driver performance. Our cooler operating temperatures ensure that our components can operate at their maximum capabilities.
This unique feature not only provides for efficacy and the highest possible lumen output, but allows us to state that our lights will operate at peak efficiency for a minimum of at least 120,000 hours.

The versatile LH can be used in a variety of applications, as a high bay warehouse/ industrial light, in a parking lot application, for wall washing, or anywhere you wish to provide the most cost effective, precise lighting available today. It can replace up to and including 1,000 watt conventional lighting at a fraction of the cost.

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
SLD-AL-0070 8060 lm 65 W 122 lm/W
SLD-AL-0100 12050 lm 100 W 121 lm/W
SLD-AL-0160 16460 lm 135 W 122 lm/W
SLD-AL-0240 24920 lm 198 W 124 lm/W
SLD-AL-0300 32720 lm 280 W 117 lm/W

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