LED High Mast/Sports Light

This exciting new luminaire incorporates a revolutionary design that enables it to generate a record 135,000 lumens of focused, directional light, allowing you to replace 2,500 watt high mast or arena lighting. Whether you wish to achieve FIFA broadcast standards in a stadium, put foot candles on the pavement to light your highways economically, or provide safe, dependable illumination for your railway yard, port or any other workplace, this light is the way of the future.

Our patented process employs rocket technology to allow our lights to operate continuously and still maintain ambient temperature. While all other lights operating in 25 degree C ambient actually reach far higher internal temperatures, guaranteeing maximum lumen output and efficacy.

This same feature is critical in longevity, and allows us to state that this luminaire is designed for perfect operation well beyond the 100,000 hour mark. Heat is the controlling factor in driver and LED life, and by controlling the temperature, we create the conditions where those key components can operate at peak efficiency for a minimum of 120,000 hours.

Our modular construction allows for the most optimal light distribution. Each module of our luminaires can be adjusted to the perfect beam angle. Additionally, our reflectors and lenses have been painstakingly engineered to provide the absolute minimum of losses and to placeā€ the light in the precisely calculated spot desired for the application.

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
LMG-HM-0400 37,100 lm 395 W 94 lm/W
LMG-HM-0800 74,300 lm 808 W 92 lm/W
LMG-HM-1200 98,630 lm 1028 W 96 lm/W

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