Marici LED Tube Light, Ballast Compatible Series

Fluorescent lighting has long been a staple of lighting in many indoor applications such as classrooms, offices, warehouses, and many other environments. With the development of new technology, LED tubes have become an ideal replacement for this older style of lighting. LED technology can deliver much higher efficiency, and greater light output at a variety of color temperatures. Our LED tubes will not only save a great deal of energy and prevent the need for maintenance, but will, in addition, increase the foot candles in your workplace.

LED tubes do not require a new fixture. They can be installed directly into existing fixtures. The MAR-B-T8 SERIES LED TUBEs provide the best solution for replacing fluorescent tubes as they will work with or without a ballast.

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
MAR-B-T8-0009 987 lm 9 W ≥108 lm/W
MAR-B-T8-0018 1960 lm 18 W ≥108 lm/W
MAR-B-T8-0022 2,393 lm 22 W ≥108 lm/W

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