LED High Mast/Sports Light

With its record setting life span and light output, Lumingen Technologies’ SLD-HM Light Fixture is the obvious successor to the current generation of high mast luminaires. Utilizing the latest in LED technology and thermal dissipation systems, the SLD-HM HIGH OUTPUT SERIES has an L70 lifespan, delivered output, and efficacy that far exceeds any other high output luminaire. This is critically important in high mast applications such as roadway lighting, port/railway intermodal yard, sports field or airport lighting, which require high lumen output and long operating life.

With a diverse selection of beam angles and an IP67 rating, this luminaire is remarkably light weight and low-cost, yet incredibly powerful and robust, with a design that allows it to withstand any variety of harsh conditions. The combination of these features makes this light the perfect replacement for existing LED high mast lights, but also a very cost-effective replacement for traditional lighting sources.

Applications: Sports Facility, Construction Site, Interstate Highway, Roadway,

                       Mining, Port & Rail Yard, Industrial

5-Year Limited Warranty

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
SLD-HM-0560 62,079 lm 562W 111 lm/W
SLD-HM-0800 86,600 lm 740 W 117 lm/W
SLD-HM-1000 109,400 lm 935 W 117 lm/W
SLD-HM-1200 130,900 lm 1120 W 117 lm/W

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