Marici LED Linear Tri Proof Light

Fluorescent lighting has long been a staple of lighting in many indoor applications such as classrooms, offices, and warehouses. With the development of new technologies, liner light using LEDs have became an ideal replacement for these lights. LED technology can delivery much higher efficiency, and greater light output at a variety of color temperatures.

MARICI TRI-PROOF SERIES boasts an IP65 rating, which means this light is suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications-preventing water or dust ingress. Its frame is also designed to withstand great stress, allowing it to be highly resistant to physical wear.

Product Model

Delivered Lumens


Delivered Efficacy

MAR-TP-0030 3000 lm 30 W ≥100 lm/W
MAR-TP-0040 4000 lm 40 W ≥100 lm/W
MAR-TP-0060 6000 lm 60W ≥100 lm/W
MAR-TP-0080 8000 lm 80W ≥100 lm/W

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