Mark Crest Bakery had some very specific demands when they decided to convert their existing MH lighting to LED. In addition to saving energy and increasing their light levels, they required a fixture that could withstand the dusty environment in their bakery.

Lumingen Technologies offered the perfect solution. Their SLD‐HB‐0240 luminaire, was chosen to replace the existing 400 watt metal halides. This 200 watt light, replaced, on a one for one basis, fixtures that were drawing 460 watts. With Mark Crest’s long operating hours, this provided a substantial energy savings. Even more importantly, the Lumingen fixtures are IP67, making them impervious to the flour dust that regularly coats fixtures at Mark Crest. The new lights were installed using quick connects, so that they can be taken down and spray washed every three months. Lumingen lights are very unique among high bay lights as they can be safely spray washed.


”The Lumingen fixtures have worked exceptionally well in our facility. The light levels exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased with the results.”


Mike Meilleur
Lean Coordinator