Ultra-High Efficiency Linear Light

The Linear SLD-LN-xxxx family of lights from Lumingen incorporate sophisticated technology that delivers extremely high lumen/watt efficiency and amazing illumination levels, combined with a sleek, architecturally pleasing design that is equally at home in commercial or industrial setting.

This series is available at nominal lights of 2-ft, 3-ft, and 4-ft, and made almost entirely of light-weight aluminum to ensure a high-quality build and a robust electrical enclosure.

Applications: Office, School, Construction, Recreation Facility, Warehouse, Factory,

                        Supermarket, Parkade, Retail, Residential

5-Year Limited Warranty

Product Model

Delivered Lumens


Delivered Efficacy

SLD-LN-0030 4,020 lm 27 W 149 lm/W
SLD-LN-0040 6,380 lm 42 W 152 lm/W
SLD-LN-0060 7,900 lm 53 W 149 lm/W
SLD-LN-0100 15,080 lm 104 W 145 lm/W
SLD-LN-0120 17,500 lm 121 W 144 lm/W

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Company Location
Curtis Stout FL(Panhandler)
Electrical Solution & Degign(ESD) MN/WI/SD east/ND east
Gizmo Consulting LA
ICS Lighting VA
Independence Lighting PA
JG Murphy SC
Lighting Partners MO/South IL
Lighting Solution IOWA IA
Malcar NW OR
Pro-Tech Lighting MI
South East Florida LTG(SEFL) South FL
Sterris Energy TX/AR/AZ/CA/NM/NV
VBC Lighting NY
Vision Lighting OK
Rimmer Lighting MX