LED Parkade/Flood Light

Lumingen Technologies’ LED parkade light – PK Series are the perfect low cost, high performance luminaires to replace traditional fluorescent fixtures in parking structures and loading bays.

Featuring an IP67 rating and a lensing material that is both extremely durable and highly efficient, the PK Series is ideal for those low ceiling applications. Additionally, this fixture is available in optional configurations generating up to 31,090 lumens making it the perfect solution for high bay, area and flood lighting as well. This light will perform extremely well in recreation centres, warehouses, and food preparation facilities.

The PK Series is a remarkably lightweight luminaire, yet it carries the potential to output light levels comparable to traditional high ceiling fixtures. This versatility combined with its durable construction and efficient light generation makes our PK Series luminaire the best possible solution for new construction projects or lighting retrofits.

Applications: Manufacturing, Food Processing, Low/High Mast Lighting,

                        Recreation Facilities, Parkade, Interstate Highway, Roadway

5-Year Limited Warranty

Product Model

Delivered Lumens


Delivered Efficacy

SLD-PK-0070 8,467 lm 63 W 135 lm/W
SLD-PK-0100 13,000 lm 97 W 134 lm/W
SLD-PK-0160 15,060 lm 129 W 117 lm/W
SLD-PK-0240 21,215 lm 183 W 116 lm/W
SLD-PK-0300 31,090 lm 268 W 116 lm/W

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