When Ditidaht First Nations decided to upgrade the lighting in their gymnasium, they had a few specific requirements. Because they were in a fairly remote location, maintenance was an important consideration. They needed fixtures that were durable, reliable, and had an exceptionally long life span. Additionally, they wanted to improve the light levels and quality for their facility.

The existing lights were 400 watt Metal Halide. They not only required replacement on a regular basis, but the light levels fluctuated throughout the facility as the bulbs aged. The LED fixture that they chose was the 130 watt SLD‐ HB‐0160 from Lumingen Technologies. One of the considerations was the exceptionally long lifetime rating these luminaires received from DLC, 162,000 hours of peak performance. The new lighting has not only increased the light levels in the facility but provided a more even, consistent illumination. All this has been accomplished while realising 70% energy savings. Facility management will now enjoy the benefit of at least 162,000 hours of trouble free operation.


”The Lumingen lights have performed even better than we anticipated. We are thrilled with the results.”


Terry Edgar
Ditidaht First Nations
Nitinat Lake, BC