Pacific Particulate Materials has been focusing on producing and distributing advanced materials from metal powder blends to rubber/plastic parts for years. When PPM made their decision to convert their factory to LED lighting, they chose Lumingen Technologies to supply the fixtures. The existing lights were 1000 watt metal halide fixtures, mounted at a height of 45’. PPM operates 120 hours per week, so energy savings and reliability were major considerations. Additionally, the factory has ceiling mounted cranes, so it was important to maintain adequate light levels at all heights.

PPM chose the Lumingen SLD-HB-0300, utilising a 120 degree beam angle to ensure that the ceiling cranes were properly illuminated. The new fixtures surpassed all expectations. Not only did they realise incredible energy savings, but light levels in all areas of the factory were substantially increased. Combined with the even greater savings from installing motion sensors on some of the lights, they were able to pay for the new fixtures with the energy savings in a very short time.


”The Lumingen fixtures have worked exceptionally well in our facility. The light levels exceeded our expectations, and we are very pleased with the results.”


Wynn Hollingshead
Pacific Particulate Materials
New Westminster, BC