The RJ Lalonde Arena is in Bonnyville, Alberta. In addition to being the home of the Junior A champion Bonnyville Pontiacs hockey team, this facility hosts a variety of ice activities and trade shows. When the time came to upgrade the lighting, there was a desire to save on both energy consumption and maintenance costs, and to improve the light quality. The aging metal halide fixtures provided inconsistent levels of illumination to different areas of the ice surface.


The ice surface measured 85’ x 200’. The existing fixtures were 6 lamp T5 high bays mounted at 25’.


Lumingen Technologies installed their SLD-PK-0240 lights. These fixtures draw only 185 watts each. Utilising a 131-degree beam angle, they delivered 60 foot-candles in very even, shadow-free illumination over the complete ice surface.


The facility management are extremely pleased with the performance of their new lights. Not only is their lighting vastly improved, but in view of the energy savings, the ROI for this project is very short. In addition, these fixtures have a minimum L70 lifespan of 162,000 hours and will provide many years of maintenance-free operation.