Sproat Truck is a very large, very busy full-service maintenance and repair center for larger trucks. Good visibility both inside and outside their facility is important to the safe, smooth operation of their business.

When they decided to convert their existing 1000 watt metal halide lamps to LED, they were more than a little surprised to discover that the Lumingen SLD-PK-0300, using only 270 watts, could not only match their existing light levels but significantly improve them. Additionally, the fact that the SLD-PK series is IP67 made them ideal for use in Sproat’s paint shop.

Because of their long operating hours, the substantial energy savings allowed them to pay for the new lighting from their hydro bill savings in less than three years.


”We were pleasantly surprised to discover the light levels generated by this fixture. They easily replaced 1000 watt metal halides, and actually improved work plane light levels.”


Mike Barker
Evitt Electric
Port Alberni, BC