Artemis LED Panel Light

The Artemis LED Panel Light Series is ideal for any application requiring minimal power consumption, long lifespan, uniform illumination, slim, and aesthetic fixture design. These luminaires, are far superior in comparison to traditional fluorescent back light systems.

Product Model

Delivered Lumens


Delivered Efficacy

ART-P1-0040 4000 lm 40 W ≥100 lm/W
ART-P4-0040 4000 lm 40 W ≥100 lm/W
ART-P4-0060 6000 lm 60 W ≥100 lm/W
ART-P7-0050 5000 lm 50 W ≥100 lm/W
ART-P7-0075 7500 lm 75 W ≥100 lm/W
ART-P5-0012 900 lm 12 W ≥85 lm/W
ART-P5-0018 1350 lm 18 W ≥85 lm/W
ART-P5-0025 1875 lm 25 W ≥85 lm/W

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Curtis Stout FL(Panhandler)
Electrical Solution & Degign(ESD) MN/WI/SD east/ND east
Gizmo Consulting LA
ICS Lighting VA
Independence Lighting PA
JG Murphy SC
Lighting Partners MO/South IL
Lighting Solution IOWA IA
Malcar NW OR
Pro-Tech Lighting MI
South East Florida LTG(SEFL) South FL
Sterris Energy TX/AR/AZ/CA/NM/NV
VBC Lighting NY
Vision Lighting OK
Rimmer Lighting MX