Artemis Round Slim Panel Light

The Artemis LED Panel Light Series is ideal for any application requiring minimal power consumption, long lifespan, uniform illumination, slim, and aesthetic fixture design. These luminaires, are far superior in comparison to traditional fluorescent back light systems.

Model Delivered Lumens Wattage Delivered Efficacy
ART-P5-T009G 720 lm 9 W ≥80 lm/W
ART-P5-T009 720 lm 9 W ≥80 lm/W
ART-P5-T015 1200 lm 15 W ≥80 lm/W
ART-P5-T018 1440 lm 18 W ≥80 lm/W
ART-P5-T024 1920 lm 24 W ≥80 lm/W