Lumingen Technologies’ FAL-EX Series has an extremely slim and compact design that makes it suitable for tight spaces and flush mount applications. Also available are our twin-module fixtures which provide for a greater area coverage while maintaining a very low power rating; this is important for many harsh environments where the presence of explosive materials poses as a safety hazard. This fixture is UL1598(A), UL844, CSA C22.2 NO. 250.0/137, and IP66 certified. This fixture can be used in Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D / Class 2, Division 2, Groups F,G / and Class 3 hazardous areas & locations.

The housing is made entirely of impact and corrosion resistant aluminum which provides for a robust enclosure along with incredible heat dissipation to maximize fixture life span. The lens cover is made from anti-glare, shock and vibration proof tempered glass.

Applications: Gas station, Refinery factory, Oil and gas loading dock, Saw and Pulp mill, Paint manufacture,

                       Mining, Smelting plant, Ocean platform, Chemical plant, Hazardous area & location

5-Year Limited Warranty

FAL-EX-0040 4,554 lm 36 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-0050 6,072 lm 48 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-0060 7,084 lm 56 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-T040 4,554 lm 36 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-T050 6,072 lm 48 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-T060 7,084 lm 56 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-0072 9,108 lm 72 W 126.5 lm/W
FAL-EX-0100 12,650 lm 100 W 126.5 lm/W

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