LED High Bay Light

With their exceptional lifespan, lumen output, and premium efficacy, Lumingen Technologies’ HB Series is the ideal solution to replace conventional lighting sources in any industrial or commercial application. This product features an IP 67 rating and a unique lensing material that qualifies it for many interior and exterior applications, such as heavy industrial settings, gyms, convention centers, recreation centers, food preparation facilities, or warehouses.

Designed and developed in North America to fit the requirements of our unique market, this fixture is incredibly light- weight, yet more powerful and robust than any other luminaire in the marketplace. This highly efficient, cost-effective luminaire presents the best possible solution for either new construction projects or lighting retrofits. The wide range of light levels available for this luminaire means that it provides the perfect solution for your particular application.

Applications: Warehouse, Food Processing, Factory, Recreation Facility,

                       Ice Rink, Swimming Pool, Retail, Supermarket, Heavy Industry, 

                       Harsh Environment, Aircraft Hangar

5-Year Limited Warranty

Product Model

Delivered Lumens


Delivered Efficacy

SLD-HB-0070 7,700 lm 64 W 120 lm/W
SLD-HB-0100 10,430 lm 97 W 107 lm/W
SLD-HB-0160 14,300 lm 134 W 106 lm/W
SLD-HB-0240 22,400 lm 195 W 115 lm/W
SLD-HB-0300 31,500 lm 276 W 114 lm/W

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